Thursday, September 13, 2012

Kristiana has grown so much over the course of the summer! Since she turned 1 yr old the end of June, she has truly blossomed and "come out of her shell"  Kristiana has an adorable laugh that makes you want to just tickle her all the time! She is also talking a little more and saying words like: amen, stop, Jessie, Katie, bye, hi and the usual dada, mama, papa, nana etc. She loves being outside... at the park, in the swing, in the stroller, swimming or just anywhere on the go.  Recently, she has obtained an obsession for shoes (takes after her mama!) and is always bringing me her shoes for me to put on her. Yesterday I told her we were going "bye-bye" and to go get her shoes... she got a huge smile and went to her room for her shoes!  She has been taking baby steps over the course of the summer however, last month she really took off with walking and is now almost running!  She is in to EVERYTHING! I only have to leave the room for a moment to come back and find her dumping out a whole box of plastic sandwich baggies or have every book off the bookshelves! To add to that, she also LOVES to climb!A few things we especially love about Kristiana are:
Her big, dimpled smiles
Crazy wild hair (she won't leave any hair bands in!)
Constant, sweet jibber jabber
A big-time Daddy's girl
Her spunky personality!
 Swinging at the park
 Full of Beans at the Canyon County Fair
 Fun in the sun
 zoom, zoom on the back deck
 She faithfully brushes her teeth every night
 dinner time...
 With mommy at Eagle Island State Park
 Yummmmm, CANDY!
Katie and Uncle Don at Uncle Jake and Aunt Krystal's wedding

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Very nice girl ;)