Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Winnemucca Sand Dunes

My parents came down from Boise for the holiday weekend. They arrived Saturday then, took the kids camping with them at the Winnemucca Sand dunes on Sunday. My mom said they were great little campers and enjoyed doing things like playing in the sand, taking nature walks, coloring & reading in the camper, eating Smores and playing with their new flashlights at night! Casey and I enjoyed a quiet day to ourselves and went to our friend's house that evening.
On Monday Casey and I woke up early (no kids and we STILL woke up early! lol) and headed out to join the family at the dunes. I spent the day hanging out while Casey and my parents rode the 4-wheelers and gave the kids rides. The weather started out cold but, warmed up by the afternoon. After a yummy bbq dinner we headed home with three very tired and dirty kiddos!! Here are a few photos... My dad and Casey with the boys

Nana and Tys

Katie & Trenton building sand castles

Cool dude Trenton

One very happy little boy!

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