Wednesday, June 8, 2011

36 weeks

I am now 36.5 weeks and feeling pretty good! There is the usual end-of-pregnancy things but, overall I can't complain. This last week I've been experiencing quite a bit of false contractions which, I take as a good sign since my body is getting ready to do what it's supposed to do. However, they do leave me feeling tired and sore. Thankfully, Baby is facing down and in the right position... kicking in my ribs and having lots of hiccups!
Katie and I had a "girls day" on Monday and went to Elko for the day. I had a doctor's appt, had lab drawn and pre-registered at the hospital. Katie enjoyed getting to hear the baby's heartbeat and talking to the doctor. Have I ever mentioned how much I love my OB doctor? She is about my mom's age (so very motherly!) and truly cares how I'm doing and feeling. She also takes the time to talk to the kids and answer their questions. And, of course, she wins their hearts when she passes out suckers at the end of our visit! She's also a lady that's full of all sorts of knowledge. If I mention anything that I'm having a hard time with (ie. heartburn) she has all sorts of remedies to try besides the usual Tums or Rolaids :) Anyhow, I'll miss seeing her once the baby arrives.... The weather is finally beautiful, sunny and warm here today!! We're going to celebrate the arrival of the beginning of summer with a trip to the park today... along with more house cleaning and yard work. I'm pretty sure we'll have the cleanest house around by the time Baby arrives lol

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that is just the greatest picture, you are so pretty!