Thursday, June 16, 2011


Yesterday my sweet neighbor, Dena, and I took the kids swimming at our local pool. With having three little kids on different levels of knowing how to swim, I was thankful to have Dena's help! They mainly played in the kiddie pool and each one took turns swimming in the big pool with Dena. They had a great time and all took naps after arriving home!

On the home front, I am keeping myself busy with cleaning, doing things with the kids and resting when necessary... Casey has forbidden me to weed or wash the outside windows so I'm cleaning everything in the house instead :) At 37.5 weeks I am experiencing quite a bit of false contractions, tiredness and soreness. But, there's not much longer so I'm just trying to enjoy these last few days!

Katie has been attending a local church's VBS this week; she's having fun learning new songs, being with her friends and doing the crafts. It's good to hear what she's learned about God as, today she was telling me about the fact that Peter denied he knew Jesus and we were able to have a discussion about that....

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