Friday, June 24, 2011


On Wednesday my friend, Lisa and her two kids, Taylor and Dalton, came over in the afternoon. Lisa and I relaxed in the shade while the kids had fun eating ice cream, running through the sprinklers and playing on the swingset. Yesterday I had my last OB appointment in Elko to make sure things were still good to go for my induction early Monday morning (more like the middle of the night... we have to be to the hospital around 2am!) My mom drove from Boise and made it just in time to go with the kids and I to Elko for the day. After my appt. we had a picnic and let the kids play at their favorite "wooden park".... Katie showed off her climbing skills on this rope thing... I zoomed in to get her picture...

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Anne Marije said...

Hi Lisa, love the pictures. Especially the monster truck ones. Guess we'll have to do things like that with our 3 boys!
Just wanted to wish you good luck for the induction tomorrow (tonight..) And I hope everything goes well, and that you'll soon meet that precious baby-daughter. May God give you strenght and energy during labor. ~Anne