Tuesday, June 21, 2011

38 weeks

The time is near... I am now 38 weeks and scheduled to be induced next Monday, the 27th, if she hasn't joined us by then. It's all becoming so real that very soon we'll have our little baby girl; this pregnancy has been my most challenging yet and I can't believe it's almost over. Some days it felt like it'd never come! However, with this being our last pregnancy I have also really tried to enjoy it and cherish everything one last time. I feel that it is such a blessing and a joy to be able to carry each of our kids and am looking forward to the moment when we hold her in our arms for the first time!
We aren't huge fans of inducement but, decided this was the best choice. Per many nurses and my 2 doctors, the baby is "ready" (won't go into details! lol) and I had better get to the hospital right away when I go into labor. I am prone to have fast deliveries and, with living an hour away from the hospital we decided to go ahead with the induction. Also, most of the time Casey doesn't have phone service when he's at work and, he could be anywhere in the middle of the nowhere (since we live in "the middle of nowhere"!!) So, I've been worrying that not only might I not make it to the hospital in time but, my husband wouldn't either! Anyhow, she could still arrive this week so, we'll see.... She gave us quite a scare this last weekend; I woke up around 5:30 Sunday morning realizing I hadn't felt her move throughout the night. We had taken the kids to the motorcycle rally in Elko the night before and she was VERY active then but, once we got home and to bed I hadn't felt her move at all. So, I laid in bed for the next hour and tried to get her to move, drank juice etc (everything the books say to do) By 8am I had gotten just a little kick in my ribs. So, Casey and I headed to the hospital to have her checked. The nurse hooked me up to all sorts of monitors, I drank more juice, ate etc. and she finally began moving around 10am. By then, it had been about 13 hours! She still wasn't "jumping around" as well as the nurses wanted AND, I had a few contractions during that time so, they observed me (and her) for a while. Thankfully, her heart rate was great so it was determined that she wasn't in distress. At one point she had the hiccups and, with having the monitors on, it amplified her hiccups so they were really loud... pretty cute! We got home around 3 in the afternoon and I was ordered to "rest" (which to me means no pulling weeds in the yard! lol) But, I was really drained and tired by than and did rest for the remainder of the day. Since then she's been moving around like she's supposed to and everything looked good at my doctor's appt. yesterday.
I felt bad that Father's Day for Casey was spent in a hospital room! But, he is so wonderful and didn't mind... I DID let him watch car racing on the t.v. since it was Father's Day (I just don't understand the thrill of watching cars going round and round in circles for almost 2 hours! lol) And, we had already celebrated Father's Day with the kids on Saturday when we took them to the motorcycle rally. Sadly, I didn't get any pictures of Casey with his kids on Father's Day...
So, we're thankful that all turned out ok! I am thinking that because she had been up the night before (I spent the night having false contractions) and we had a busy day on Saturday that maybe she was just exhausted and slept for 13 hours!!

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