Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rumble in the Rubies

On Saturday afternoon/evening we took the kids to Elko's yearly Rumble in the Rubies motorcycle rally. Four city blocks are blocked off and lined with motorcycles, vendors, bands and lots of "motorcycle dudes" walking around. We took the kids early enough in the day before the craziness of the night-life began... A majority of the bikes are Harley Davidsons so, the boys had a great time looking for ones that looked just like their Grandpa's! Casey got to spend his evening dreaming about the future Harley he'd like to get and, Katie & I admired the pretty pink rhinestone helmets :) Towards the end a storm blew in so our evening was cut short but, we finished off the fun evening with ice cream and playing in Playland at Burger King.

Tys and a 1940's motorcycle. Apparently, if you owned a bike like this during it's time you were immediately drafted into the war due to the lack of military motorcycles...

This year's rally was in honor of our nation's current POW Bowe Bergdahl. My family and I know Bowe and his family from when we attended the Boise OPC church about 10 years ago.. he was more of my brother's friend but I remember him being very kind and quiet. We continue to pray for his release so he can be with his family once again.

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