Tuesday, May 24, 2011

School year

Katie's last day of Pre-K is tomorrow. I can't believe how fast this last school year flew by and am sure I'll be saying that in the next 12 years to come!
Katie has spent the last 9 months learning not only her ABC's and 123's but, also things like cutting and pasting, memorizing songs and Bible verses, improving on her drawing and writing skills, making new friends, learning Bible stories during Chapel, writing letters & numbers and so much more! Singing is one of Katie's favorite things to do and I've often gotten comments from her teacher, Mrs Brannan, on how well Katie sings and learns the songs. The class also got to go on fieldtrips to their future Kindergarten classroom, bring goodies to the elderly at the local nursing home and, have hands on experiences with the fire department and dentist office.

Another favorite part of school for Katie was when it was her turn for Show N Tell or to bring snacks. Two very big and important parts of Pre-K! Having to get up in front of the whole class helped Katie overcome a little bit of her shyness... her being shy in class was a surprise to me but something her teacher and I talked about it. I think she has some shyness in her but, mainly she's just happy to sit back and contently watch as everyone else is jumping in for attention or to answer a question etc. Like her daddy, she is an observer and a learner... unlike me who is more "obnoxious" and the loud one at a party! lol Katie is also very caring and spent the schoolyear watching out for her friend, Taylor. With Katie being the tallest girl in class and Taylor being the shortest, they made quite the cute pair of friends!

The teachers at the school do a fabulous job of making learning fun for the kids but, also keeping the classroom under control and structured. Katie has learned how to participate and take turns and raising her hand to be called upon. I know she has the whole hand-raising thing down because at home she'll raise her hand high and say "pick me, pick me" whenever I ask a question to her and her brothers.

Over the course of this last spring, we parents were assigned the task of teaching our children their home addresses and phone numbers. In the very beginning, out of curiousity to see what she'd say, I asked Katie what she thought her address was. Her reply was www.radiatorsprings.com She now knows her real address but, we had a good laugh about that one!
Katie and Lauren ~ Lauren's dad works with Casey at Atlas

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