Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Some people call it "nesting", I prefer to call it "preparing"!
I put our past few days of rain to good use and stayed home to do a little "preparing" for the arrival of our little baby girl... The kids were happy to help as, they found it exciting and adventurous to see all of the new little pink things! Katie and I finished moving her room to the old office... I organized, cleaned and did some touch-up painting on the furniture. The baby's clothes and blankets have been washed and, Trenton and I cleaned and disinfected the 2 infant car carriers. Everyone is getting anxious to meet our baby girl and, Katie is more than ready to be the "best big sister ever"!! My little helper, Trenton

Testing out the car seat to make sure everything is ok :)

The girl's PINK room (aka. Pepto Bismol room) Katie requested that her Papa paint every wall pink... so I decided that 2 walls needed to be a light pink and the other two could be a more brighter pink. My dad was quite done with seeing PINK by the time he finished.. hee hee

With Katie's white furniture and the baby's oak furniture, that helps to off-set the pink a little bit. However, even the white ceiling radiates a pink color!

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