Friday, May 6, 2011

Egg hunt

Over Easter weekend, Marie and Meredith came down from Boise to visit. Meredith stayed with her Grandma while she was here but, it was still good to see her! On Saturday, we took the kids to our community egg hunt at the park. This was my first time to take all three kids and I was SO glad to have Marie and Mere there to help! It was a mass chaos of little kids running for eggs and, Katie was in a different age group than the boys so Marie did the egg hunt with her. The kids had a good time and won a couple of cool prizes! Katie and her Aunti Ri

Waiting for the word "go"... Trenton's "grrrrrr" face

Mere and Tys

That afternoon that kids got to do another egg hunt in our backyard. This one was a little less chaotic! Katie and Tys were good about helping Trent find his eggs...

Like a little squirrel, Trenton thoroughly enjoyed his Easter egg candy :)

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