Monday, January 24, 2011

Ladybugs and Bellies

On Saturday I sewed another summer dress for Katie. This dress took a little bit longer than the last one but, was still an easy pattern. I added the flounce on the bottom to give the dress some length since, Katie has long legs. Katie loves the lady bugs on the material! I got this material for 2 specific reasons: 1. Katie loves lady bugs 2. my mom had bought the boys summer outfits (red shirt. black/white/red plaid shorts) and I wanted Katie to match. My kids always have to have at least one outfit that match each other :)
Katie and I are headed to Elko for my doctor's appt. this afternoon. She is looking forward to hearing the baby's heartbeat! My belly is definitely starting to "pop" out... last night I asked Tys if he wanted to feel my belly. He felt it and said "wow, mommy, it's getting big!" Then, he pushed his belly out and asked "do you want to feel MY belly?"

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