Monday, January 17, 2011


With no school today for Katie and Casey off of work, we loaded up our family and spent a fun day together in Elko. Along with my parents, Tracey and Briana, we all went bowling. For the kids, this was their very first time! They did a great job and had a very fun time. They quickly got the hang of rolling their bowl down the lane and watching the pins fall (thank goodness for those kiddie bumpers!) On our last game, Katie bowled an 83 and even got a strike! The boys were too busy eating their pizza to play that last game.... isn't eating pizza and drinking soda all part of bowling too? My camera wasn't taking the best pictures due to the lighting but, you can get the general drift and see their happy faces :)

We also enjoyed the sunshine and played at the wooden park for a little while and ate at Burger King, where the kids got to play in Playland. By the time we left for home, they were exhausted!


Geer Family said...

That was the one thing we never got around to doing in Elko that we always wanted to do. So glad you had fun!

Lisa Haveman said...

well, when you come BACK to Elko we'll all go bowling! It's only $1on Mondays and free shoe rental :)