Tuesday, January 25, 2011

17 weeks

My first prego picture! I am now 17 weeks and feeling better little by little. There is still the constant nausea... especially at night but, at least I feel like I can function. A big milestone this last week has been feeling the baby move around. Even though I have been through this 3 times before, feeling the baby move still doesn't get any less amazing! Due to the inability to sleep, I lay awake at night feeling it's little "thumps". It particularly doesn't like it when I lay on my stomach... guess I'm to that point of being too big! The baby will kick, kick, kick until I change positions. My 17 week check up went well yesterday. Tys and Katie were able to be in the room with me and had built up great anticipation at hearing the baby's "heartbeep". Well, Dr Z (one of 3 doctors in at my doctor's office. He is from Africa and no one can say his last name so he's known as Dr Z) had a difficult time getting the baby to stay still long enough to get the baby's heartbeat on the doppler! After quite some time, he was able to get it just long enough for Katie and Tys to detect the "heartbeep". We were laughing about how active it is and Dr Z predicted a boy. Of course I laughed and said "no, everyone is wanting a girl"! lol


Anonymous said...

Hooray for teeny tiny baby Haveman! I'm on the little "Lisa" team, but another little "Casey" would be loved and welcomed too!

GoodTimes said...

look at your cute little bump!

Geer Family said...

looking beautiful!