Sunday, January 2, 2011


We were able to spend Christmas Day evening and the following Sunday with our family in CA. It was so good to have everyone together again! Jerry, Bernice and their boys had flown in from IL for the week of Christmas and, Marie arrived for the Christmas weekend. Our time together was short but, lots of fun and worth the drive :) After morning service, we were able to get a family photo. The kids were happy (for the most part, Trent always has to give his "look of death"!) and we were able to capture our special time together.
Auntie Ri and baby Peter
Grandpa and Oma with their 6 grandkids!
After church, we were able to visit Grandma Dora at the Bethany Home. Going to CA wouldn't be a completed trip without seeing her!! As always, she's looks fabulous :)
Katie and Great Grandma Dora
"the girls"
"the boys" and "one girl"
The cousins had a blast playing together! I love how they can be the best of friends even though they don't see each other everyday.
Trenton got to celebrate his birthday for a second time...
And, they played some more....
Oma, Katie and baby Peter. It was wonderful getting to meet little Peter; I think Katie fell especially in love with him :) She has been talking about him since we got home. I have a feeling she's going to be a terrific "big sister" when our new little one arrives!

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