Friday, January 7, 2011

Katie turns 5 yrs old

Yesterday our baby girl turned 5 years old! I guess that no longer makes her our "baby girl"... sigh... where does the time go? To begin her 3 day celebration, Katie woke up yesterday to our traditional birthday breakfast of donuts and she was allowed to open a present from Casey and I. Later in the morning, Papa brought over another present for her to open. So, she spent the day playing with her new Jasmine Barbie and Polly Pocket set! Katie has looked forward to turning 5 yrs old for quite some time now ~ she loves birthdays and embraces them with zeal and happiness! For last night's birthday dinner, Katie requested a "royal dinner because she's God's little Princess". At first I had no clue what I'd make her that would meet her standards of a "royal dinner" but, she later helped me out by choosing her favorite: salmon, rice, corn and "royal bread"... followed by an ice cream cone!

Today, Katie's birthday celebration continued when she brought cupcakes to school to share with her classmates at snack time. I was busy this morning with baking MORE cupcakes for tomorrow's party and didn't make it to her school in time to take pictures. But, Katie told me that her teacher let her pass out a cupcake to each student and that they were all "grateful" for the chocolate frosted goodies!!
We love you, Katie, and are so thankful that God has given you to us. You are so special to our family!

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