Monday, November 9, 2009

Chinese dinner

On Saturday night, our friend, Jona, came over to MY house and cooked us some of her famous Chinese food. We also invited Joe, Edna and Precious over to share in our fun evening... her dinner was SO yummy and I had a great time watching her cook :) She cooked the entire meal in just 1.5 hours! The dinner menu included: scallion cake, egg drop soup, beef & broccoli, chicken stir fry, egg fried rice and steamed cabbage, wine and mudslides.
Jona cooking the fried rice
I had never had or, seen, a scallion cake before (I had originally pictured it being a REAL cake with scallions... interesting??) But it was actually a flour and scallion sort of bread and, was served as an appetizer... not dessert!

The chicken stir fry... before the veggies were added

Jona and my mom
Edna, patiently awaiting dinner!
Everyone was enjoying their meal so much that we couldn't take a moment to look at the camera or, even say "cheese"!! Thanks Jone for a wonderful dinner and fun evening!