Sunday, November 22, 2009

Party weekend

Yesterday was lots of fun as we had two birthday parties to go to. First, in the afternoon Katie and I went to her friend's, Hannah and Sarah's party. Then, that evening we partied it up with our Filipino friends and, celebrated Melody's birthday. There was LOTS and LOTS of yummy Filipino food, singing, dancing and laughing with friends! The birthday girl, Melody (center) with Corkie and, someone that I don't know!
Tys spent his evening sneaking apples from one of the many food tables....
Precious and Edna
Roxanne and Trent... he was spoiled and held the whole evening by his many Filipino aunts! He came home with balloons tied to his overalls and lip stick kisses all over his cheeks!!
Katie and Precious having fun on the dance floor!
I love Jera's pose in the background!
Then, after church this morning we went with a bunch of friends from church to the pizza parlor, where we celebrated Rodney, Precious and Jeff's birthdays!! It's been the weekend of birthdays!