Thursday, November 12, 2009


We woke up this morning to see snow falling! It didn't last very long but was enough to get the kids all excited! Katie and Tys went through the big process of getting their snow gear on and going outside... Tys didn't make it past the front steps before crying to come inside! And, Katie lasted about 15 minutes before coming inside cold and muddy!! Oh well, they have all winter ahead of them to play in the snow. Trent is happy for many reasons: 1. Everyone else is excited about the snow, why shouldn't he be too 2. He got to stand up against the window sill and hit the window 3. He loves to play with the blind cord (which is usually out of his reach)

Tys is explaining to Trent that it's snowing outside and that it's "cold"!!

Trent, checking out the outside world!!
This week has been rough for me as I've been fighting a bad headache. It began Monday night with a migraine and has lasted until today. Motrin and Tylenol haven't done much to help it so I finally took a heavier drug last night... that worked and I'm feeling better today. At least I'm functioning and, getting things done around the house and with the kids. Mom, Trent and I leave Saturday for our 4 day trip to Boise... I'm hoping it'll be completely gone by then!