Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Trent 2 months

Trent will be 2 months old tomorrow! He is more generous with his smiles these days and, is happy to hang out in his bouncy and listen to Katie and Tys play. I have found out that he DOES NOT like it when I eat chocolate (although, I can get away with a teeny, tiny bit!) and has a more sensitive tummy than Katie or Tys ever had. It's difficult to give up my chocolate but, something I don't mind doing for my sweet little guy :) For the first time last night Trent only woke up once and slept from 9 - 6:30. I'm hoping he'll keep that up!!
I'm not sure how much he weighs right now but am guessing from the clothes that he's wearing he weighs about 12 lbs. Check out those chubby cheeks!