Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jerry, Bernice and James arrived on Saturday evening and, it was SO wonderful having them here for 2 days! With Nate and Joe here until Sunday afternoon as well, it was almost like old times (we were missing Marie!) It was so good to hear the guys sit around telling their old adventure stories and to see the kids having a fun time playing with their cousin, James. Too bad Tys was sick and not completely himself... on Monday morning my mom watched the kids and Casey took us on a tour of the chemical plant where he works. I've been to Dyno Nobel before but never on a tour so, it was great to see what Casey actually does at work (besides surf the internet and hang out with the guys in the control room!!) Here are a few pictures from our tour and I'll post more of the weekend soon.... Casey and Jerry in the Ammonia Nitrate plant
Casey explaining something to Jerry and Bernice... it was REALLY loud in there :)

This is the tower where the chemical is combined and showers down from the top. At the top of the tower you can see a plat form that goes all the way around the tower. He took us up there and we walked around... the view was amazing!

The elevator to the top of the tower was VERY old, small and rickety. I looked up and was surprised to see a section of the roof gone on the elevator. I asked Casey what happened and he said something broke so he took the section of roof off to reach up and fix it... "Um, I really didn't need to know that!" This was looking up to the top of the tower.

J & B inside the small elevator

This is Jerry and Bernice at the top.. you could see for miles!

Casey and I... I admit I was a little freaked out about walking around on a metal grate and being that high up. You could look down and see everything below!

This looks like snow or hail but it's really the prell... the finished product! It's the explosive part of the dynomite that's used in the mines.

They hold all of the prell in an igloo type building ~ this is ALOT of explosive!!