Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's a Snow Day!

My cousin, Rebekah and her little girl, Aria (1 yr) have been visiting us from Phoenix all this week. Rebekah's only wish for her visit was to see snow and have little Aria experience it for the first time. Well, she got her wish when we woke up Monday morning to lots of snow and, it snowed for most of the day! Rebekah was SO excited and took Aria out first thing in the morning to see it (Aria really wasn't interested in the snow but, was more concerned about the dog instead!) Later that day my mom and I took the kids and Rebekah to Judy & Ken's house to let them play in their big front yard. The snow was still coming down but, they had a great time anyways. Katie and my mom made snowmen and snowballs while, Tys and Aria tried their hardest to get around in the snow with their short little legs!
Nana and Katie had fun making snowmen!
Aria in the snow for the first time! I don't think she was very happy about it but, stayed outside in it for a while.

Trent and I got to hang out inside the warm, cozy house :)