Saturday, February 14, 2009

Just when you think things can't get any worse in your day, God decides to throw in a little more!

After a week long stay, my cousin Rebekah and Aria left this morning for home. That was at 6am and it left me just 12 hours to prepare for the arrival of Casey's brother and his family: Jerry, Bernice and James from Chicago (who are actually driving over from CA today) And, our good friend, Nate from Boise. Unfortunately, Tys began getting sick yesterday and was up half the night crying (add a nursing baby into the equation and I had approx 3 hours of sleep!) So, my day hasn't started off very well to begin with.... I had 12 hours to clean, do laundry and wash sheets, make a dessert, bath the kids and deal with a very sick little boy! Thanks to my awesome, helpful hubby I DID get a little nap too :) It was all going pretty well until about noon when I had to take Tys to the E.R. and had my mom/doc check his ears. Yes, he has double ear infections and is now on antibiotics. I then added a trip to the pharmacy in the afternoon... Anyhow, around 3 o'clock the kids were ALL down for naps (and Trent even got a bath!) I had dessert in the oven and had finished mopping the floor. Nate, Joe and Casey took off to do some errands and I was washing dishes when all of a sudden I heard a POP and then, there was no water pressure. "uh-oh" I thought, that can only mean one thing. I went to the bathroom and saw water gushing from the wall where the water tank was. Uggh!! A broken water pipe! Do you ever have one of those days when you just can't believe what is happening? I stood there in my soggy socks for a split second and thought "why Lord? why today"?? I called Casey, who was back home in 5-10 mins. but, in the mean time a huge pond began forming in the bathroom and was pouring down the heater vents. I used all our bathroom towels to make a barricade in the bathroom and hallway carpet (since this has happened before and the carpet had to be replaced throughout the whole house) The guys are shop-vaccing up all the water and I'll re-clean the bathroom... just in time for Jerry, Bernice and James to arrive!!

On a side note: Trent is on his third outfit of the day. When are they going to make diapers that ACTUALLY HOLD SOMETHING!!!!