Monday, February 23, 2009

Thankfully, all three kids are feeling much better today! Katie and Tys' antibiotics are kicking in and even Trent doesn't seem to be so congested. He still has a little cold and cough left but, is doing much better now. My parents stopped by on their way out of town this morning (they're going to Reno for a few days) Trent had just woke up and was in a very happy mood ~ he was all smiles for us! Oh, and have you noticed that Trent is slowly losing his dark baby hair?
I began working out today.... something that I haven't done in a VERY LONG TIME!! It felt great (even if I'm already sore!) For now I'm going over to my parent's place and using their treadmill & stationary bike. Casey is in the process of buying us a used treadmill from a guy at his work and I'm pretty excited about that :) The big question is where are we going to put it in our already cramped place!!