Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Katie's 3yr check up

We took Katie to Elko yesterday for her 3 yr check up. We recently switched to a new pediatrician and this was her first time to meet Dr Dinwiddie (we tried getting her to say his name but she was too shy!) This new doctor is SO much better than our old one and his interaction with us and Katie was awesome. She liked him right away and happily did whatever he asked her to do (something she had been having trouble doing for her parents all day long!) And, when Trent decided to projectile vomit his whole last meal all over the floor, the doctor was kind enough to stop and ask if we were o.k. :) Katie weighs 33 lbs and is in the 75% range for her height and weight. Luckily, this year she gets out of having any shots!