Saturday, November 2, 2013

Zeitgeist Half Marathon

This morning my mom and I completed our 5th half marathon for 2013! We ran the Zeitgeist, a more challenging course in our local Boise Foothills.  There were quite a few uphills to conquer... including the big one from miles 7-9.  The beautiful fall scenery of the foothills made the difficult run totally worth it!

 Seeing my family at the finish line... one happy mama!  And, so thankful to have Casey there too (this was his first marathon event of mine that he was able to attend..)

 My mom at the finish line... finding the kiddos in the crowd :)

 Love my family!!! And, am so thankful for their support and enthusiasm :)  They were cheering us on at the finish line... in this photo they're just ready for some lunch! haha

Even though we don't actually run the races together (due to different paces) I'm still so thankful for my mom, who is also my running partner.  We're each others motivation and inspiration! Love you, Mom!

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