Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving Week...

I just realized that I haven't blogged in a while!  Since we've begun homeschooling I've found that my days are just flying by! It begins with my workouts at 5:30a.m., school in the mornings, afternoon activities at the school & piano and, work for me in the late afternoon/evenings.  And, the usual laundry, cooking & cleaning in between. So, our Thanksgiving break will be awesome... not only because of all the yummy food we'll be feasting upon but, for the simple fact that I MIGHT be able to sit for a few minutes! :) 
 Homeschooling is going great!  We begin at 8am and are done by lunch.  The kids are doing well in their subjects and are usually pretty good at staying focused and getting their work finished.  We recently completed a 2 week learning session on Sacajawea (where I learned just as much as the kids!) Katie has learned a new poem and Trenton has mastered his ABC's up to the letter "E".  Tys is working extra hard in math because it's more of a challenge but, makes up for it in his beautiful handwriting! And, Kristiana has recently begun singing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" which, is the cutest thing ever! :)
With race expo AND holiday season coming up, work has been especially busy lately.  Last week I worked from 4p-11p Wed-Fri and, the same last night.  I'm working on stamping LOTS of charms for both customers and expo... fun but, also tiring.  I'm looking forward to my upcoming trip to So California to work at my first expo (selling our iDeclare charms)

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