Sunday, November 17, 2013

Discovery Center

Friday ~ my friend, Miriam, invited us to go to the Discovery Center, in Boise, with her homeschool group/co-op.  I can't remember the last time we took our kids there and, thought it'd be the perfect opportunity to meet new friends AND get in some science!  I actually found a good deal online to a year long pass to both the Discovery Center and Zoo Boise so, we'll get to enjoy going to both places all next year!
 We arrived in time to attend an educational class on the 6 systems in our body... fascinating! Each child got to "help" and learned quite a bit about their bodies.

 the boys and their friend, Gideon

 At the kiddie grocery store, I sent Katie off in search of healthy food choices. She did pretty well!
 Trenton "the weatherman" in the t.v. station
Afterwards we enjoyed a picnic lunch with our friends at the nearby park

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