Sunday, November 17, 2013


Last week was a big one for us as we began homeschooling!  We still love Zion Christian School, and were sad to leave there, but it was just costing us too much financially.  So, we are beginning our new adventure in life as a homeschooling family! Katie and Tys are still going to Zion on Tues/Thur afternoons for music and to see their friends; the teachers got together and asked if they could also stay for lunch and recess.  We are SO thankful for the love and support they're showing us!  So, we have a new routine of getting up early to do chores (even earlier for me so I can get my workouts in..) then, begin school at 8am.  We're usually finished by noon and have the afternoon to practice piano, do errands, clean house and, of course, play! They were already using quite a few ABeka books at school so its nice they can just continue on with what they were already studying.  

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