Friday, March 22, 2013

This Last Week...

On Tuesday I helped out at the school in the morning.. thankfully, it was class photos that day and I was able to see Tys' Kindergarten graduation photo shoot. He was SO cute during it and is looking forward to beginning 1st grade next year.  He's just growing up way too fast!! 
To celebrate the beginning of spring break, Katie got to spend the night at her friends, Janelie's house last night.  This morning, while eating pancakes, she lost her tooth and swallowed it!! This is the second time she's swallowed a tooth...crazy girl!  To explain to the tooth fairy she wrote a letter explaining that she lost her tooth and ate it... hopefully, the tooth fairy will accept this candy cane in it's place! :)
 Enjoying a beautiful day at our neighborhood duck pond...
Yes, she has her daddy's heart!

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