Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Almost Spring

Spring is almost upon us and we've been enjoying our little bit of it these last few days.  The sun is shining and the temps have been in the 60's during the day.  We love getting outside after Katie and Tys arrive home from school! It's hard to believe that this school year is almost over already!  Katie and Tys both are excelling in their subjects.. particularly reading and writing.  My friend, Katie & I are busy helping the school prepare of their upcoming dinner auction and various other class projects. 

I am enjoying my new part time job as a "stamper" for iDeclare!charms.  A small business that is growing by leaps and bounds... I'm working Monday and Friday mornings, at this point. It's fun to make personalized charm jewelry for customers and help design new items to sell. I recently came up with the new Mother's Day special and a new link/charm bracelet. I never would have guessed that I'd be hand stamping charms but, it's fun and a good challenge for me to get it "perfect" :)

We are looking forward to Marie and Kyle's wedding in April! Last Saturday was Marie's bachelorette party and, this Friday my friend and I will be hosting her bridal shower. It's such a special time in their lives and we're so happy for them! Kyle has been staying at our house whenever he's in town; that has been a great way to get to know him even better!

I am looking forward to running my first half marathon in April.  In preparation, my days begin around 5:30a.m. so I can get my "runs" in.  I'm on a training schedule and, have been running anywhere from 6-10 miles a day... about 3-4 days a week.  It's been a great challenge for me and I love it! I have had this personal goal set for myself for such a long time and fulfilling it would be so amazing :)
 Kristiana and I at Cory & Katie's house last Sunday
Enjoying our beautiful weather and feeding the neighborhood ducks

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