Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Las Vegas!!

For the first time in our 8 years of marriage, Casey and I were able to get away this last weekend for 3 days. We celebrated a combination of things: my birthday, our anniversary and Valentines Day.  We went to Las Vegas with our good friends, Cory & Katie and, had a fabulous time together!  I had been to L.V. quite a few times before getting married so, this was our first time going together.. we had so much fun and made everlasting memories. 

We left on Thursday evening and, the guys drove us through the night.  We made it in record time (8.5 hours!) and arrived into L.V. around 8 on Friday morning.  Our first stop was our hotel, Mandalay Bay, where we all took naps and ready for our exciting weekend!  Little did I know that we'd only get about 12 hours of sleep the whole time we were in Vegas... If I'd had known that I would have taken a much longer nap that first morning! ha ha
 Casey and I at the beach in Mandalay Bay...
 Through out our stay we ended up walking up and down the strip at least 3 times... our hotel was on one end of the strip and it was a 2.5 mile walk up to the end of it.. Treasure Island.  At various times we also took a tram and a cab.  Walking was nice because we were able to go in and out of the hotels.. checking out each of their special themes and watching the fountain/light show at the Bellagio.

 The Venetian.. one of our favorites!
 Our awesome, fun friends... Cory & Katie

 Cory and Katie's anniversary is the end of March so, to celebrate both anniversaries we had dinner on Friday night at Wolfgang Puck's special restaurant, Lupo... located in Mandalay Bay.  Our meals were amazing and, their complimentary desserts SO yummy!

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