Saturday, March 10, 2012

Winnumucca Sand Dunes

Last Monday we spent a fun day at the sand dunes with my parents and Joe. My parents were originally planning a 6 day trip to the Dumont Sand Dunes, near Las Vegas, but changed their minds at the last minute and same to see us for the weekend instead! With Joe and Casey both having Monday off, we decided that'd be the best day for us all to go play in the sand. It was a warm day... if only the wind had left us alone! But, we made the best of it and the kids LOVED their 4-wheeling rides! Kristiana was super happy all day and loved being outdoors... because of the wind/blowing sand I kept her under the camper shell on Casey's pickup most of the time. To top off the day we stopped at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants for dinner - yum!
Casey, Joe and my dad getting ready for a long ride to far end of the dunes....
Eating lunch in the back of the pickup!

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