Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sunday Afternoon Walk

We have been really having some beautiful, warm weather lately! Last Sunday afternoon my mom and I took the kids on a walk/bike ride... Katie is doing really well on her bike and, Trenton is just learning but he is catching on quickly. Although, I think it was more of a workout for me since I spent most of the time pushing him and guiding his bike from going into the ditch! He's still working on pedaling AND steering all at the same time! He informed me that he NEEDS a bell for his bike... hmmmm.... that would really be too much for him to coordinate! hee heeKristiana was all smiles during the walk...

Kristiana and our Jessie Dog :)
In case you're wondering... yes, Tys was also with us on our little bike ride. He refuses to ride his bike and would rather run beside his siblings as they ride OR, ride his push-scooter. He spent our entire walk complaining about being too tired to ride his scooter and he kept wanting to go home... so I didn't take any pictures of his grumpy face (although, I should have!) And yes, he survived the walk!!

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