Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Just a few random photos from these last couple of weeks...

Kristiana has now learned how to go from her knees/crawling position to sitting back on her bottom. She can make it across the living room in record time and get herself into the forbidden stereo (there's just something about all those fun buttons and knobs!)

Tys and Katie are both learning the letter "X" this week in school. We've had a fun time trying to come up with letters and names with "X" in them!

Trenton got to go to Idaho on Sunday and Monday with his daddy. Casey had business meetings at the banks on Monday so he got to hang out with Nana and Papa. He had lots of fun at Monkey Bizness (although not as much fun as he would have if his older siblings were there to play with too....) and got to see fish at the Aquarium. Along with a haircut, milkshake and pop... well, there just wasn't enough time to fit anything else in during his short 24 hour trip!

Since many guys in our church are cops, there are always at least 3 or 4 guns present at a worship service. Feeling left out, Trenton decided to bring his own guns to church! Notice, he dressed himself again!! ha ha

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