Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Kristiana 9 months

Kristiana turned 9 months old today!! Over the weekend she began crawling forward at a faster pace... she now gets herself stuck among the table room chairs, under coffee tables and in between toys and the wall. She loves her new found freedom and spends her days happily exploring and playing with whatever she can get her hands on. The kids and I spend our days making sure the house is baby proof! ha ha
Kristiana now weighs 21 lbs and is wearing size 18 month clothes. She's definitely a big baby! We often hear comments about how she's going to be a basketball star someday (or, a professional linebacker... hmmmmm...) I'm just thankful she's healthy! She still has a love for food and is eating 2-3 meals of baby food a day; along with nursing. Thankfully, eating so much during the day is helping her sleep so much better at night. Generally, she is sleeping from 8p-7a and will wake up just once.
Kristiana has a very happy, easy going personality. She is always smiling! She loves each one of her siblings but, has a special bond with Tys. All he has to do is talk to her or, act goofy, and she'll start belly laughing! Her favorite sibling to snuggle with is Katie; Katie is also very good about "babysitting" her little sister while I cook dinner. And with Tys and Katie in school, Trenton and Kristiana spend the most time together... playing with toys on the floor etc. They're going to be great playmates someday!
Kristiana is going through the "clingy" stage these days. She begins to panic and cry whenever someone other than myself or Casey holds her... I recently left her with a friend/babysitter for 2 hours and Kristiana cried the whole time! I felt bad for both my friend and baby! Yesterday Dena watched her for an hour and she did somewhat ok. She was fussy but was able to keep entertained being in the Johnny Jump Up.
Kristiana's new love is the cat! Now that she can crawl I often find her at the cat... who is sleeping peacefully on the floor. She likes to check out Blackie's fur; I usually have to save the kitty from little-chubby-fur-pulling-fingers!

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