Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Trenton's 3rd birthday

We celebrated Trenton's 3rd birthday while in Boise over Christmas break. Since he shares a birthday with Baby Jesus, the kids know that we celebrate Jesus' birthday on Christmas and Trenton's birthday the day after. Or in this year's case, we celebrated a little before and a little after :) We are SO thankful for our Ren-Man and, the laughter that he brings to our family. He's such an energetic boy that keeps us all on our toes! He has a love for Thomas the Train, cars & monster trucks and, always wants to play with his siblings. He is also a wonderful big brother to Kristiana and likes to give her gentle kisses on the top of her head. Happy Birthday Trenton, we love you! On the Friday before Christmas mom and I took the kids to Red Robin for Trenton's birthday lunch. He was SO surprised when the staff sang "Happy Birthday" to him and he loved his ice cream sundae and balloons!

On the Monday after Christmas, we celebrated his birthday at a kiddie entertainment place called WaHooz... there were all sorts of games, little rides to ride and a brand new FUN, kid- friendly bowling alley. We invited my parents, Jake and Kristal and, friend Colleen and her 3 boys to join us there....

Monday evening we had pizza for dinner and Trenton got to open his presents and, eat Thomas the Train ice cream cake!!

His very own bike!

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