Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Kristiana 7 months

Hard to believe our little girl is already 7 months old... makes me want to freeze time and cherish this stage just a little longer! This last month we have seen her personality develop a little more. Mainly she is a very happy, smiley baby... however, we are noticing that she gets angry whenever there is a toy or something she can't reach. She clenches her fists and tightens her face than, screams! She is now rolling from her belly to back also (which she just started yesterday) and is always quite proud of herself! She is also beginning to do what I call the "booty rock"... using her knees to get her bottom in the air and using her toes to inch herself forward. She's figuring out how to crawl! She enjoys hanging out in her walker and keeping me company while I cook in the kitchen... and she keeps her siblings busy giving her back the toys that she throws on the floor. She has also found a new love for grabbing hair, glasses, necklaces etc.! At her check-up last week she weighed 18.4 lbs... well above where she should be.

Since I can't freeze time, I am cherishing every moment with her in this fun baby stage. And, am thankful for our happy, healthy baby girl!

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