Friday, January 20, 2012

Chore Paks

During the holidays and Christmas break I became a little too relaxed with the kid's daily routine and they seemed to be watching t.v. in accessive amounts! So, this week we began what I like to call "boot camp" which, is really something to get ME back on track! I also began a new chores system for Tys and Katie and, they are totally loving it! I am using what's called the "chore pack"system... used by a few larger popular families ie. the Duggars and the Maxwells. It is a little plastic pack with "chore cards" in them and, there is a clip for each child to clip on their clothes and carry the pack around with them as they do their chores. Each card has a different chore listed (which I made) so they can take the cards out and see what chore needs to be done. Since Katie is learning to read I have gone over each card with her but, she is pretty much reading (memorizing) each card herself. I still help Tys. But, its a good way to also teach him how to sound out the words. Their cards include every day chores and ones that they do on specific days with me:
Katie's daily pack includes:
School Homework
Brush Teeth
Make Bed
Clean Bathroom (she wipes the sink. I clean the bathroom once a week)
Practice Piano
Empty Dishwasher (with me and Tys)
Laundry (with me and Tys. We fold a load and they put their clothes away. Tys and Katie than put the clothes from the washer to the dryer and I put a new load in the washer)

Tys' daily pack includes:
Brush Teeth
Make Bed
Feed Cat
Empty Dishwasher
Empty Bathroom Garbage

Weekly we work together and Dust & Vaccuum

So far, the system has been working out great! Upon waking up they have their juice than get to work. We can pretty much have everything done by breakfast time... it's also nice to have them dressed and ready for school in a good amount of time. Trenton has his own little chores that he helps me with but I don't feel is quite ready for the chore pack yet.... T.V. is no longer allowed during the day and is for special family movie nights or special occassions when they have a babysitter. The first couple days of t.v. "detox" was a little tough but now they don't even ask for it... and, Trent no longer sits on the couch, waiting for the t.v. to turn on and crying "t.v. boken"! lol Once their chores are done they can play with their toys or games or, their electronic games.

We have enjoyed spending more time together as a family.. playing games and reading books. AND, the kids are happy to be rewarded for their hard work on PAYDAY :)

The kids and I hanging out last night... Trenton was exhausted and fell asleep early!

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Ri said...

Ah, I remember having specific chores to do when I was young.... Smart mommy! Now they can help you! :-)