Wednesday, January 25, 2012


On Sunday the snow began to fall... by Monday morning it was still coming down hard! This was our first big snowfall this winter... I love the beauty of the snow; it's even better from inside the warmth of my house! The kids were so excited and could hardly wait to go outside and build their snowman. Casey was the chosen parent to go out to help them :)

Daddy, the kids and Mr Snowman

I dug through the cupboards and found 2 chocolate cookies for his eyes and leftover Halloween Candy Corn for his mouth... which, Jessie later found to be a delicious snack! Funny, she wouldn't touch his carrot nose....

Blackie sat inside watching the happiness going on outside... she meowed the whole time as if wanting to be out there with them!

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Geer Family said...

beautiful pictures and memories! I LOVE watching Scotty play with the kids too. There's lots of things daddies are better at than mommies. :)