Tuesday, December 13, 2011

holiday activities

This last weekend was a busy, fun-filled one as we had lots of holiday activities going on. First, my parents arrived Friday night and stayed with us until Monday... there were 2 community craft bazaars, 2 kid's Christmas programs, my mom and I went to our friend's wine tasting party and, Katie & Tys went to their friend, Riley's birthday party. We also drove around town on Saturday evening to see the colorful Christmas lights! Tys and his teacher, Mrs Brannon. The preschool had their Christmas children's service Sunday afternoon...

The kids with Pastor Mark

Tys and Katie at our church's Christmas program. The kids did an amazing job at singing and reciting their verses!! This was Katie's first year to recite a paragraph and since she couldn't read it yet, she memorized all of it. Tys learned the Christmas songs and sang them for weeks at home before singing them with great gusto at the program :)

Riley and Katie at our community Light the Night parade

Trenton wasn't happy about the loud fire truck sirens but, still had a good time!

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