Thursday, October 28, 2010

Handsome Boys

After Casey and Tys got haircuts last night, Tys declared themselves "handsome" (han-thom) and wanted a picture with his daddy! Then, of course, the whole gang had to get in on the action....
The weather has gotten considerably colder this week so we've been spending most of our time indoors. Casey continues to work long, hard hours and, the boys have been fighting runny noses. Katie is learning the letter "G" in class and we enjoyed her Fall Party at school yesterday morning. During the party, she let Tys sit in a chair next to her at the school table (shared by other kids too) At one point I realized all the kids were laughing at Tys.... who was being a big goof-ball so that kids would laugh at him. I always knew he would be the future "class clown", yesterday proved it even more!
Our friends, Nathaniel & Saundra's wedding reception is this Saturday in Idaho. We will be leaving tomorrow afternoon for the weekend and are looking forward to seeing all of our long time friends again!

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