Monday, October 4, 2010

We had a good weekend although, I guess Casey didn't have much of a weekend. He spent all day Satuday welding on a project then, spent most of yesterday recovering a semi-truck accident. The kids and I spent a quiet weekend at home. On Saturday we went to the park, did some baking and on Friday we went to our town's homecoming parade. And, last night we had friends over for dinner at the evening church service. I think fall as finally arrived as it's been much cooler and rainy these last two days ~ yay! Last Thursday Tys got to have his friend, Jacob, over to play. They had a good time playing together and using their little boy imaginations!
While Katie is at school, the boys are learning how to play with each other and come up with their own games or things to play (vs. having their sister to boss them around and tell them what to play!) This morning Tys used his sister's kitchen and cooked me a yummy meal of fruit, chicken and tea!

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