Monday, November 1, 2010


We headed up to Idaho over the weekend to see long time friends and attend Nathaniel and Saundra's wedding reception (they were married in Aug) We arrived into Wilder Friday evening and enjoyed our time with dear friends, the Fisks. The kids all got along great and our kids were introduced to the world of "video games"! Tys spent his time playing the Wii with their two boys, Colton & Evan. Now, he wants one of his own :) Even Casey got in on the Wii action ~ I think this was the first time I had ever seen him play any sort of video game! Anyhow, we had a great time catching up with Dave & Mindy and they were so kind to let us "trash" their house for the weekend. THEE Wii!!!
On Saturday we went in to Caldwell for Nathaniel and Saundra's reception. We saw friends there that we hadn't seen in years! There was lots of old stories to tell and catching up to do... the reception went by too fast so a group of 20 of us went out to dinner that night at the Olive Garden. We had a wonderful evening... even though Trent was SO tired and crabby from the big day :(
Two pretty girls ~ Emma and Katie
More pretty girls ~ Katie and her Auntie Ri
The newlyweds, Nathaniel and Saundra
Mary Ellen, Saundra, me and Marie
A reunion of the "old gang" Nathaniel, Dirk, Casey, Joe and Rod. Too bad Jerry and a few others were missing....
Olive Garden... Joe and Jake
Casey, Marie and Meredith
Uncle Jake and Katie

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