Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I accomplished 2 major projects today:
1. I made three batches of apple jelly... totaling 23 jars! And..... 2. Trenton got a much needed haircut
In the past I've always helped my mom make the apple jelly; well, this year she made me do it on my own. I had just a few questions but all in all.... did it on my own. We enjoy the homemade jelly throughout the year and I think I've only bought 1 or 2 jars of jelly/jam at the store in the last 5 years!
Trenton's hair cutting experiences are beginning to be like those of Tys'. He begins crying the minute we enter the salon and doesn't stop until he runs out the door 20 minutes later! To get his haircut I have to hold him and wear a cape (although it does very little good) Then, hold him in place with my arms and legs while the poor stylist does as best as she can. She usually gives him a sucker to try and help his crying which, actually just results in hair sticking to him due to the sticky slobber and tears running down his face! Well, of course, he hates hair sticking to him and that just makes it worse. Once she's done he gets a new sucker, new change of clothes for the ride home and makes a bee-line for the door "out"! Then, we head straight home for his bath (and change of clothes for me!) He is once again a happy little boy and can see things so much better without hair hanging in his eyes!!

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Deb said...

Wow Lisa! Good for you :) Dad says he's drooling over the thought of some apple jelly!! And Ren looks SO much older....awwwwww.