Monday, October 25, 2010

Girl's Weekend

The "girl's weekend" to Pleasanton, CA., was an amazing fun-filled time! There were 9 of us ladies who left early Friday morning for the OPC Women's Conference. We caravaned in two vehicles, stayed at a fancy Hilton Hotel, slept very little and spent two days laughing and talking non-stop!! Upon our arrival on Friday, we did some shopping at a nearby mall and celebrated Justine's 21st birthday at the Olive Garden in Hayward. Unfortunately, Sharla's fun weekend was cut short when she ended up in the Santa Rita E.R. Friday night. She was still sick the next day and hung out in the hotel while we went to the conference... we all felt so bad for her! She had 8 "mothers" taking care of her! Our adventures included one vehicle getting lost and ending up in downtown Oakland in the middle of the night (that would be the car I was in!) and a couple of "near accidents" on the crazy California highways. Thankfully, we all made it home in one piece around midnight on Saturday. Enjoying the beautiful fall scenery (and the back of Sandy's van!)
Friday lunch on the top of Donner Pass
We didn't let the rainy, dreary CA weather damper our spirits
Sharla in the E.R. waiting room. She had lots of friends there to keep her company!
Happy Birthday Justine!
Dana, Krystin and Amy
Me and my Mama
Sharla got to lie down it the luxurious back seat for the long ride home
Saturday night dinner at In N Out in Reno.... it was Krystin's FIRST time to In N Out!!
This year's conference was on sanctification and had an amazing guest speaker, Mary Beth McCreedy; it was great to see old time friends from sister OPC churchs!
I am so proud of Casey and how well he did in watching the kids for two days. The house was in semi-order, dishes washed, kids fed and laundry done! Way to go honey!!

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