Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Trenton 15 months

Yesterday, I took Trent to Elko for his 15 month check-up and 3 shots. He gave the nurse his famous "evil eye" and cried during the shots! He and I also ate lunch and did some shopping; I enjoyed spending the day with just him and he was in a great mood! (unlike today... he's SO crabby from the shots) Here are his stats: Height 32" 88% percentile Weight 26# 70% percentile
At 15 months, Trent is:
1. Talking more and more everday. He can say approx. 20 words (family members, animal sounds and words like sit down, up, thankyou, "p" for please, cookie, juice etc)
2. Sleeping through the night
3. Climbing on everything
4. Learning how to take his siblings toys away just to hear them cry!
5. Loves to go outside and swing or, drive his little car
6. When he can't go outside, he stands at the window and watches the dogs... saying "woof"
7. Loves M&M's, frosted Animal Cookies and broccoli 'n cheese
8. is obsessed with shoes and the broom
9. loves to push anything: boxes, chairs, cars
10. Gives sweet kisses and can give you a high 5


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