Monday, March 22, 2010

Fun Filled Weekend

This last weekend was filled with friends ~ old and new!! On Friday evening our good, old friends from Idaho arrived for the night. While on their family vacation, they came 45 miles out of their way to see us. We were so thankful they did! It was great to see Dave, Mindy and the kids again. Even Joe came home from the Police Academy for the weekend to see them and, we enjoyed having him here too :) Joe & Dave having Saturday morning breakfast. One of the things I made was chocolate chip pancakes; the kids LOVED these and Katie has been asking for them ever since (a big thing for my child that doesn't like breakfast!)
Trent's "cheese" face
Uncle Joe's "cheese"face! (and, yes, Trent is standing on the table.... he gets away with a lot of things when Uncle Joe is around)
Trent, Katie, Tys and their two new friends: Colton & Evan. Little Emma is msising b/c she didn't want her picture taken
Mindy & myself
They headed for California around noon on Saturday and, I spent the afternoon preparing to have around 25 people/kids over for dinner. Our church's candidating pastor, his wife and 4 kids arrived from Michigan on Thursday and, as you may already know, our church likes to have parties and eat! So, we showed Pastor Chris and Corrie just how we do that! Saturday night I served Italian and we had a wonderful evening of fellowship.
On Sunday, a record breaking number of friends & family went to the Cox's for lunch after the a.m. service. Then, that evening everyone headed back to our house once again.
This picture has bad lighting but you get the idea :)
Pastor Chris Post and Casey