Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day in Elko

We are already at the middle of the week... its flying by fast! We are busy having fun with our visiting pastor, his family and friends from church. I think we're running the kids ragged :) Just this morning Tys told me "Mama, I tired" But, it's been lots of fun and the kids have new friends. Yesterday, a group of us took the Post family to Elko for the day. Our entourage included 2 suburbans and a minivan.... 6 adults and 12 kids! First, we went to the story/craft time at the library. Then, we took them to Burger King and the playland for lunch ~ and, yes, we got lots of looks from people when we arrived with 12 kids under the age of 10! Next, we went to the local museum and the famous, favorite wooden park. We picked up Papa Murphy's Pizza for dinner and arrived home just in time to feed everyone and have the ladies go to Women's Bible Study (the guys were kind enough to watch the boys) The kids all got along great.... making the day more enjoyable and survivable for the adults :) 8 of the 12 kids at Burger King - keeping all those Happy Meals in order and with the right child was the challenge of the day! LOL
The Museum. I think Tys' face says it all!

My dad and Chris

Katie and Jakob (aka. Jibit)