Friday, March 19, 2010

DL Welding

Casey received the official word today that he'll be laid off March 31st; two weeks earlier than planned. Although being laided off from your job is never easy, we are actually ready for this. He has been working hard at getting his welding business going and, gaining contacts of potential jobs (through his welding instructor, Dean. Dean also has his own welding business) I am so thankful that God has brought Dean into our lives as, he has been a huge help in getting this all going! Dean has placed a bid on a 2 month welding job at a power plant in Sparks and, he wants Casey to do this job with him... the only down point was that it would begin the first of April. Now that he is getting laid off this month, he'll be able to do that job. Amazing how God works out the timing of everything just right! Casey has been working hard at learning how to weld on boilers, something that he's specializing in since there are very few welders in this state that do that. I am so proud of him! I will be doing the financial book keeping for our business... which, I guess makes me the official secretary :)

This weekend we will have our good friends, the Fisks, visiting from Idaho. And, Joe will be home from Post! We also have a visiting pastor and his family here from Michigan.... lots of fun times and good fellowship!!