Friday, May 22, 2009

Princess Katie and ants

Princess Katie having a fun time on the swing! The weather has been beautiful lately and we've been spending quite a bit of time outside.... blowing bubbles, playing with Tys' new bat and ball from Uncle Jake and watching the beans grow in our garden (so far that's all that is showing up) This evening the kids and I went my mom to the park and out for ice cream ~ that was lots of fun!
When he's not working overtime, Casey has been doing quite a bit of work at our property... getting things ready to begin the construction on the foundation for our new house! The kids and I have been over there as well this week... The kids have been doing lots of exploring and playing in the dirt. Katie WAS having a great time until she sat on an ant pile without realizing it and was soon covered in ants. Of course, this was pretty scary for her! Now, she would rather sit in the suburban whenever we go there because she is "scared of the ants and doesn't like the property" I'm thinking "great... we'll soon be living here and Katie won't even get out of the vehicle"!! We've tried showing her that the ants are actually pretty harmless but she isn't convinced :) It isn't helping that we are having "ant issues" in her new bedroom. Not bad, just a few here and there. I get rid of them and Casey has put out ant bait but they're still showing up. So, throughout the day she comes running to me "mom, I found an ant" and, I go take care of it. However, she won't go in her room without the light on because she's afraid of the ants (I have to turn the light on for her) Anyhow, I'm hoping this little phase passes soon!!